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Zakat is that Muslims give one forty-one of their property every year for the consent of Allah Almighty. You can deliver your zakat to people in need.


The fourth pillar of Islam is the prescribed charity (ZAKAT). Zakat is to donate a portion of special goods and wealth to deserving individuals, according to peculiar priciples. Teherefore, if one gives  a meal to a poor person with the intention of giving Zakat, it is not regarded as Zakat because it is not assigned as Zakat.

The prerequsites that make Zakat obligatory are as follows: An adult, sane, free and debtless Muslim has to have for one year a surplus quantity of productive goods beyond the basic essentials. This amount is called the minimum exemption limit (Nisab). This quantity of goods should also be reproducibe. Gold and silver are not reproducible but their Zakat ought to be given when their quantity reaches the amount of nisab as described below. Nisab: Religiously defined mesurement equal to 82 grams of gold (20 Miskal), or an equivalent amount of Money or trade goods, beyond one’s debts that must be present for Zakat to become obligatory.

One- fortieth (2.5%) of the taxable amount of Money has to be given as Zakat. Zakat on livestock varies according to their type. One sheep for every forty sheep, one sheep for every  five camels, one calf for every thirty head of cattle must be given.

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 Mines are also subject to Zakat.



Tithe (‘Ushr) is the Zakat on farm produce which is onetenth ofthe crop gathered from land watered naturally. If the irrigationis done by artificial means, the Zakat should be one-twentieth. Crops like wheat, barley, rice, millet, watermelon, cucumber, eggplant, clover, olives, sesame, honey, manna, sugar, cane and fruits are all applicable.Lands in Turkey are tithe lands as they areregistered officially. Muslim land owners wh are engaged in farming should give the tithe(‘ushr) so that their harvest should be lawful by Shari’ah.


Masarif-i Zakat means the classes of people given Zakat whoare described in the 60th verse of the Surah Al-Tawba in the Holy Qur’an.

  1. Poor who do not have the nisab (the needy),
  2. The poor, who have nothing in life (the indigent),
  3. The collectors of Zakat,
  4. Those whose hearts should become more sympathetic to Islam by recieving Zakat(Mu’allafah al-Qulub),
  5. The free or ransom slaves,
  6. Helping debtors who don’t have enough cash or goods to pay their debts,
  7. People who arein the way of Allah(J.J.),
  8. Travelers stranded without Money.


Zakat can be given to any of these eight categories numbered above. In fact, the most virtuous people to be given Zakat are the poor with nothing in life and those who are striving in the cause of Allah.


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