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I Want To Open Water Well

We are opening Water Wells in different countries of Africa. 

Would you like to have a water well in Africa?

We are opening Water Wells in different countries of Africa.

“Water of Life” Water Well Projects in Africa

86% of people living in Sub-Saharan Africa are deprived of healthy and clean water resources. Water takes place where there is no life, especially in arid countries.

International Integrity Association, Considering the size of the need for clean water in Africa and as a result of evaluations made in countries and regions where arid and clean water could not be reached, it initiated the “Water of Life” Water Well Project for drinking water resources, which is the most natural right of humanity.

Would you to have a water well in AfricaWe are opening Water Wells in different countries of Africa.

“Water !

No color, no taste, no smell. But since the world was created, no life could give up on it, it could not go on without it. Everyone set up life around it. But arid Africa needs it.


Opening a Water Well in Africa

Muscle-strength instruments are often used in the non-aqueous regions of Africa. When the rock comes out in the excavated place, it is tried to be broken by using force and the well location is changed when the rock is not vaccinated. In other words, the opened caisson shaft is not risked well and is first excavated by the drilling system, so it is determined whether there is rock in the ground and how many meters it is. When it is determined that the ground to be excavated is clean and within a few meters of its water, it is excavated 30-40 meters down to the ground by pouring concrete down the mouth of one and a half meter diameter. Tubes are placed in such a way that sufficient level is reached and the necessary installation is completed and reinforced by connecting the appropriate pump to ensure long life.

“Water of Life” Water Well Project Application

With the “Water of Life” Water Well Project, an application developed on the International Integrity Association website, donors can be a shareholder with $50 for a water well and can monitor the water well. Donors can support the water well campaign through online payment at www.integrityusa.us.

The Cost of Opeing a Water Well in Africa

The cost of opening water wells varies depending on the country depth and how the well will be opened.

For detailed costs, you can get more information by calling our association.

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